2017 NSC Results

South Peninsula High School, in Diep River, achieved a 99% pass rate in the 2017 NSC Examinations. 159 students (84%) achieved Bachelors’ passes.  Mr Zeid Baker, acting-principal of the school, believes that the quality of passes were better than last year and attribute this year’s success to the hard work of students and teachers, and the support of parents. Targets were set for the matric class of 2017 at the beginning of the year, which were regularly monitored and revisited. The aim of the school is to achieve a 100% Bachelors Pass in the 2018 November examinations and a 100% Pure Mathematics pass. Mr Baker believes that this is attainable. Professor Shirley Zinn, an ex-student of the school and author of the book, Swimming Upstream, addressed SP’s students on Friday.

Ten students of the 2017 matric class achieved A-passes, 55 achieved B-passes and 59 achieved C-passes. The top student was Luqmaan Mathee, who obtained eight distinctions, including A’s in Pure Maths, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, IT and Geography.  Luqmaan, who was accepted for engineering at UCT and Stellenbosch, will be studying at Stellenbosch in 2018. Huda Adams, who achieved seven distinctions, will be studying engineering at UCT.  The school achieved 240 subject distinctions in the 2017 examinations. More than 60% of all candidates obtained subject distinctions. The average aggregate per learner was 65.82 %. Three students obtained 6 distinctions, two obtained 5 distinctions and six obtained 4 distinctions. The school also achieved a 94% pass rate in the IEB Advanced Programme Mathematics exam and 113 Pure Maths passes.  With the exception of a few students who have decided to seek work experience before studying, the majority of the 2017 class (84%) have enrolled for tertiary studies at UCT, Stellenbosch University, UWC, and CPUT. More than 15 students from the 2017 matric class obtained merit scholarships for 2017 from Stellenbosch University.

Mr. Baker commended the role played by SP’s feeder primary schools such as Fairview Primary, Heathfield Primary, Muhamedeyah, Sid G Rule, John Graham and many others in preparing the students for high school.   The role of the primary school teachers, especially in poor communities, is crucial in ensuring that the foundations for a solid education are in place. We are fortunate to have these schools serving our community.  

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