Super A Inter-school Athletics

South Peninsula High School has always been a very strong athletics school since its inception almost 70 years ago. The school has been part of the Section A athletics for over 30 years even though the top position had remained illusive, only coming second best. The only time the school came first in the Section A was some 30 years ago. Therefore when the Super A Inter-school Athletics Section comprising of the top six athletic schools in the Cape Metro was formed in 2018, the school missed out on the opportunity of being amongst the best. Nonetheless the spell of coming second was broken that year when the school won convincingly Section A ahead of its fierce rivals Heathfield High School and Steenberg High School. It was a huge achievement that culminated in the promotion of the school into the Super A Inter-school Athelics Section. Therefore the school is competing in the Super Section A for the first time.

Date: 19 February 2019

Venue: Green Point Athletics Track

Time: 8am

Participanting Schools

  • South Peninsula High School
  • Bernadino Heights High School
  • Mondale High School
  • Milnerton High School
  • Elsies River High School
  • Portlands High School