SRC drives Clubs and Societies at SP

It is that time of the year again when club members are hyped to be sharing their knowledge with the new Grade 8’s and other interested students. Participation in these clubs can be seen as a gateway to skills development and ensure enriching experiences for all. The SRC at SP is proud to be the driving force of an initiative to untap the talents of a receptive student body. Seize the moment ! Life is all about grabbing opportunities. And let us live our school motto: “ NON MINISTRARI, SED MINISTRARE” – “not to be served , but to to serve”. Students are encouraged to join these clubs and make a difference. Don’t delay, join today.

Brandon Van Niekerk (SRC Chairperson)

90 by 2030 Club

No, we are not a bunch of soothsayers nor maths boffins!!! Together with other such clubs around the country, our aim is to make 90% of South Africans environmentally aware by 2030 and to get them to reduce their carbon footprint in their homes or businesses. Are you reducing your Learn more !!

Nadine Prince / Mr Baker

Amnesty International

Amnesty international is an international human rights organisation that appeals on behalf of victims of human rights violations, usually along the lines of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Amnesty is independent of all governments and political ideologies. Amnesty opposes any imprisonment that violates a person’s rights to hold and express his / her convictions freely. It supports the right to be free from discrimination based on ethnic origin, sex , colour, religion and language.

Caitlin May (11F) Ms Smith Tuesday 1st Interval

Army of Evasion

Calling on all songwriters, poets and singers.

Aisha Suliman, Micaela Nefdt, Joshua Bergman

Beading Club

Become an entrepreneur in a creative but relaxing manner. Design jewellery.

Rabia Dalwai (11F) / Aqeela Adams (11F)

Belly Dancing Club

Dance your way to a great body !!!

Toshca Kolbe

Boasting Club

Offers various activities supporting the Christian ethos. The group is run by students. We see the school as a ‘boot camp” for the world , where young people can develop their gifts, talents and callings to equip them as the leaders of tomorrow. Activities include workshops, motivational talks, learning more about the bible, hikes, camps and much, much more.

Sergio Amon, Bianca Naude/ Ms Leisegang Fridays 2nd Interval

Book Club

Reading and reviewing is an art ! Come and join us as we unpack the ideas of authors and movie directors. Projects include inviting local authors and poets, sight-seeing, and of course visiting museums, studios and movie-houses.

Claire Fourie, Sameera Ebrahim /Ms Sampson Thursday 1st Interval

Bridging the Gap

Gr 10, 11 and 12’s giving HOPE by tutoring Gr8’s and 9’s in Maths.

Razaan Solomon, Gadija Kamalie.

Catering Club

Be part of a dynamic team as you become savvy with food. Learn the skills of catering from planning to presentation. Other skills include baking + cooking, finalising menus and décor.

Imaan Shaik, Siddiqah Salie / Ms Hendricks

Cheerleading Squad

Getting SP going !!!

P Palston


The SP choir performs at various functions. We are indeed privileged to have Mr Reggie Dreyer – a well-known musician – to put us through our paces.

A Suliman, A Peterson / Ms L Pietersen Monday 1st Interval/Assembly

Debating Society

The gift of the gab is not bestowed on everyone , but it is possible to learn to debate through practice and so, if you are keen to make your voice heard, or you would like to participate in disciplined group or panel discussions please join our forum. We plan to broaden our exciting activities to include quiz competitions on an inter-class, inter-grade, and inter-school level. SP students, to debate or not to debate Do not wait ! Let your voices be heard.

Kirstin Meiring, Charne Jackson /Ms Gunning Monday 1st Interval

Environmental Club

Promoting an awareness + appreciation of our fragile earth. Increasing our green footprint and reducing our carbon footprint is our aim. Beach clean-ups, energy audits , etc.

Brandon van Niekerk & Nadine Prince / Ms Davids Thursday 1st Interval

Entrepreneurs Club (Only Gr 10 & 11)

The club aims at fostering the concept of entrepreneurship. Various activities related to promoting business skills such as running a coffee shop at school.. Students can acquire hands-on experience in running a small business.

Shaun Robert / Mr Van Rooyen

First Aid Society

The aims an objectives are to empower all Life Science students with the basic knowledge of how to administer First Aid in emergencies. A 6 hour basic course will be offered by qualified instructors from Red Cross and St Johns Ambulance commencing this term.

Kaylum Antonels / Ms ASmith

Free Movement Society

Join Casey Mellem’s class from modern dance to ballet.

Mr April

Giving Back Club

We all have a social responsibility. Be part of a club that wants to make a difference.

Raeesa Albertus, Fahmeyah Walters / Mrs Davids

Glee Club

Can you sing or dance !!! Calling on Gr 8’s only to join.

Erin, Chelsea and Ammarah

Global Classroom Partnership

Interact with students from the Shetland Islands, Sweden, the Czech Republic , the USA and Japan on local and global issues. Activities include research , presentations and fund-raising. And, oh yes, the opportunity to travel.

Gouwa Hendricks /Mr M Slater / Ms Marinus/ Ms Kleynhans

Hiking Club

Our objectives are instilling an environmental awareness, love for the outdoors, and fostering sound and healthy lifestyles. Hikes to be undertaken in and around the Western Cape.

Sulaiman Olday / Ms Dreyer-Stempels Tuesday & Friday 2nd Interval

Hip Hop Society

Learn the art of hip hop and breakdancing now!

John Durrel / Brent Paulse / Mr April Wednesday + Friday 2nd Interval

History Society

Memory is the weapon. Here students will argue world events of the past and how it affects the present.

A Amien / Mr Leedenberg

Ice Skating Club

Students visit Grandwest Ice Station at the end of every term.

Megan Barthus/ D Schutter/ Mr Ledenberg

Interact Society

We have as our objectives a desire to instil an awareness amongst SP students about the plight of the homeless and struggling in our community. Visits to orphanages, old-age homes and informal settlements are envisaged. Projects include clothing and blanket drives, tin-food drives, etc.

A Fakier, S Dhansay / Ms Friester & Ms Isaacs Tuesday 1st interval

Jazz Band

The SP Jazz Band performs at various school functions.

Bradley Prins and Gershwin Kinnear. Guided by Ms Gordon. Monday 1st Interval

Karate / Self-Defence Club

Let us teach you some basic skills in the ancient art of self defence !!!

Naseera Abrahams Wed, 1st Int.

Muslim Students Association (MSA)

Offers various activities supporting the Muslim ethos. These activities include workshops and motivational talks.

Sameera Ebrahim /Mr Musson Thursday 1st Interval

Photographic Club

Photography has gone digital but the basics remain the same. Learn more.

Yonnic Carelse / Mr Baumgartner

Pool and Snooker Club

Our intentions are to petition the SRC to purchase a pool or snooker table. We will then establish a league and organise tournaments.

Uzayr Shira / Mr Baker Tuesday 1st Interval

RC Car/Helicopter Club

Ever wondered how it feels to be a Rally driver or Formula One ace !!! Our miniature cars are fuel injected and yes we are licenced! Learn the art of modification in an exciting hobby that gets the adrenalin pumping.

Dyllan Curry / Mr Ismail / Mr Waghid

Rock Club

Experience live rock !

David Schutters , A Suliman / Mr Patientia

Scrabble Club

Learn the art of word-building socially and competitively. Internal league to be started.

Justine Yon and Nikita Heneke /Ms Friester Tuesday 1st Interval

Science Club

Are you serious about science? Are you inquisitive? Wanna know about atoms, Einstein’s theory of relativity, and what’s up at the Science Centre? Promoting scientific thought, expo preparations and excursions are what we are about. See you there !!!

Umr Roomaney / Ms Hanekom Monday 2nd Interval

SP Cycling Club

Become part of a group that explores Cape Town and our surrounding mountains. Membership to Southern Suburbs CC.

Jesse Prinsloo , David Schutter / Mr Ravens

SP Mathletes

Learn more about numbers as we prepare you for the next Maths Olympiad.

Ms Forte / Ms Sampson

SP Radio

Be part of the revival of SP Radio. Our aim is to develop communication skills and nurture talent in broadcasting. Learn the skills of programming, editing, conducting interviews and commentating on events at SP. Students will develop confidence and improve their public speaking skills.

Warren Da Rocha / Mr Jusa Monday 1st Interval

SP Swimming Club

Don’t be a loser when SP gets its swimming pool. Swim throughout the year as we arrange programmes at Wynberg Military Base and Long Street. See you there.

N Gopal / Mr Jacobs

SP Touch Rugby

Fastest growing sport at SP! Quick action, quick thinking. Enjoy rugby across genders. For boys and girls.

Ali Waggie / Mr Baker

Surfing and Skateboarding Club

To educate rookies(novices) about surfing and skateboarding. Our aim is to be part of the action at Surfer’s Corner (Muizenberg).

Michael Mohamed, Shandor Marks, Adeeb Fakier Fri 1st Interval

Web Design and Speak Up MagCom

Learn the skills of web-page designing and assist the school in upgrading it’s website. Be part of a creative magazine committee.

Brandon Van Niekerk /Mr Saunders and Ms Davids

X-country Club / Road Running Club

Run competitively or just for fun. Enjoy the environment while keeping fit.

Eric Roberts, Joshua Williams / Ms McNamara Monday 2nd Interval

See Brandon V Niekerk or Mr Baker if you are interested
in starting your own club.