Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Learners

The code of conduct is subject to the South African Schools’ Act. The Purpose of the code is to entrust learners with the responsibility of maintaining and enhancing the image of the South Peninsula High School community. Learners must behave correctly at all times at school, at school functions and wherever they represent the school. They must behave on public transport and public places in such a manner as not to bring discredit to the name of the South Peninsula High School community.

Behaviour of Learners

It is expected of learners that they respect their educators, non-teaching staff and other learners. Learners must respect the property of others. Learners are deemed to represent the school whether inside or outside the school and are always subject to the school rules and disciplinary procedures.


When a learner is absent on a particular day, the parent must contact the school by telephone, facsimile or e- mail. Absentees must bring with them on their return, a letter in an envelope from their parent/ s indicating the reason for their absence, no later that 08h30. The letter must also indicate a contactable telephone number.
The parent must address the envelope to the principal. In the top right-hand corner of the envelope the full name and surname and grade of the learner must be indicated.


The school will inform parents of learners who bunk classes. The learner will be sent to Friday afternoon detention. Should bunking persist, the Governing Body (GB) will be informed for further disciplinary action.

Possession and use of drugs (including alcohol)

Possession and/or use of drugs is classified as serious misconduct. Learners who are alleged to have been in possession of or who have used drugs will be reported to the GB for disciplinary action. The matter will be reported to the police.


Smoking is not allowed. Students caught smoking will:

        • be reported to the police.
        • their parents will be called in.
        • offenders will be put on for Friday afternoon detention.


Acts of vandalism will not be tolerated. Vandalism includes defacing desks and walls. Writing on desks and walls of the school is not allowed. Parents will be liable for damages incurred by learners. The school has the right to refer cases of vandalism to the GB. Offenders will be put on for a Friday afternoon detention.

General playground conduct

Learners must respect one another. Learners must respect the environment and must not litter. Swearing and abusive language in the playground will not be tolerated.

General classroom conduct

An atmosphere conducive to learning must prevail. Learners must respect their educators and other learners. Learners must co-operate. Learners must keep their classroom clean and tidy. Swearing and abusive language will not be tolerated.

Fighting (including bullying)

Under no circumstances will fighting be tolerated at school. It is considered as serious misconduct. Fighting may be referred to the GB. Recommendation for expulsion could follow.


Stealing will not be tolerated. Students caught stealing will be reported to SAPS. Parents will be called in and the matter will be referred to the school GB.

Cell phones and other electronic items (including i-Pods and mp3 players)

Cell phones and other electronic items are not allowed at school. Cell phones and other electronic items will be confiscated until the end of term. In addition, a monetary fine will be imposed. Parents will have to collect the cell phones or other electronic items. The school has the right to search students for cell phones and other electronic items. The school will NOT be held accountable for stolen or lost cell phones or any other electronic devices.


Learners must present their homework on the due date. They must have the required books in class. Failure to present homework or books will result in afternoon detention

Traveling to and from school

Learners should adhere to the school rules while traveling to and from school or wherever they are in school uniform. No fighting on transport and vandalising of transport will be tolerated. Learners are not allowed to use Old Kendal Road.


Learners must respect the authority of the prefects.


Learners must be in their lines before the second siren and must arrive at their class punctually.

Use of the tuck shop

Learners may use the tuckshop during the first and second intervals.

Visitors and Outsiders

Learners must inform their parents, and should be aware, that all visitors and outsiders must report to the office on arrival.

School uniform

Learners must wear the stipulated school uniform.