The purpose of this Buildings and Grounds Policy is to:

  • ensure a safe, secure, clean, and well-maintained environment for the all-round education of the learners.
  • protect the facilities and the capital investment of the State.
  • specify responsibility for the proper use, maintenance, repair, renovation, improvement, and extension of the facilities.
  • specify conditions for the use of the facilities.
  • specify sources of funding and procedures for the maintenance, repair, renovation, improvement, and extension of the facilities.
  • provide guidance relating to the maintenance of the facilities.


  • Immovable property of public schools on State-owned land belongs to the State and cannot be alienated by the school.
  • The school has the right for the duration of its existence to occupy and use the immovable property for the benefit of the school for educational purposes at or in connection with the school subject to conditions stipulated in the South African Schools Act.
  • Annually, in time for schools to prepare their budgets for the following year, the provincial education department must inform the school of the funding available for the basic upkeep and maintenance of the school.
  • In observing its responsibilities related to the school facilities, the school will adhere to all relevant school policies, including the Finance Policy and School Safety Policy.


schoolrefers to South Peninsula High School.
school communityincludes all learners, all members of staff, all parents and visitors to the school, and residents in the school neighbourhood.
school facilitiesincludes all school property, namely, the buildings (immovable property), grounds (including those leased to the school), including boundary walls and fences, sport  and recreational  facilities and cloakrooms, but not the movable equipment kept within the facilities. This term does include the services necessary to run the facilities.
school propertymeans immovable property owned by the State, including immovable property bought by the school from the school funds or donations to the school.
WCEDWestern Cape Education Department
BGComBuilding and Grounds Committee
BGPBuildings and Grounds Policy
HOD  the Head of Department of the WCED
MECMember of the Executive Council
SMTSchool Management Team


This policy is compiled in accordance with the following legislation and amendments:

Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act 108 of 1996

The South African Schools Act, No. 84 of 1996 (SASA)

Regulations for Safety Measures at Public Schools 2001, as amended

National Norms and Standards for School Funding (1998)

Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 (OHSA)

Guidelines for general upkeep and maintenance of education facilities (DBE 2018)

Facilities maintenance guidelines for public schools (2012)


5.1       This policy applies to all learners, parents, and staff of the school.

5.2       Where applicable, this policy applies to external organisations/persons who use or lease school facilities in terms of use or rental agreements.


6.1 The SGB must administer and control the school’s property, and buildings and grounds occupied by the school, but the exercise of this power must not in any manner interfere with or otherwise hamper the implementation of a decision made by the MEC or HOD in terms of any law or policy.

6.2 The governing body may allow the reasonable use of the facilities of the school for community, social and school fund-raising purposes, subject to such reasonable and equitable conditions as the governing body may determine, which may include the charging of a fee or tariff which accrues to the school.

6.3 The SGB may, with the approval of the MEC, lease, burden, convert or alter immovable property of the school to provide for school activities or to supplement the school fund, and allow any person to conduct any business on school property to supplement the school fund. The SGB will apply for permission of the MEC when it is required to do so.

6.4 The SGB may not obtain a loan in order to finance repairs or improvements without the written consent of the MEC.  The SGB will apply for permission of the MEC when it is required to do so.

6.5 The SGB may not allow any activity on school property that is hazardous or disruptive to learners or prohibited by SASA.

6.6 To exercise these rights and fulfil these responsibilities, the SGB has developed a Buildings and Grounds Policy (BGP) for the school.

6.7 The SGB has appointed a Buildings and Grounds Committee (BGCom), a committee of the SGB.

a) A parent of the SGB will be the chairperson of this committee, who will convene meetings as and when the need arises.

b) BGCom  must:

i. monitor implementation of the BGP and relevant aspects of the School Safety Policy.

ii. regularly report and make recommendations to the SGB and School Safety Committee.

iii. conduct regular inspections of the school facilities and take the necessary action.

iv. annually, prepare a buildings and grounds budget for inclusion in the annual budget to be approved at the annual budget meeting.

v. monitor the expenditure for maintenance, repair, and improvement of school facilities.

vi. adhere to the School Finance Policy and School Procurement Policy with respect to procuring goods and services related to the Buildings and Grounds Portfolio.

vii. annually propose adjustments to Schedules of fees for use of the facilities.

viii. prepare leases and use agreements for signing by the authorised persons.

6.8 The SGB has created school-paid posts for additional maintenance staff.  Appointments into these posts are made in accordance with the School Employment Policy.

6.9 Neither the SGB nor the BGCom is responsible for the allocation of duties of school maintenance staff, or their supervision.

6.10 Incidents of school-paid staff serious misconduct may be referred to the SGB for disciplinary action.

6.11 After following the prescribed procurement process, the school outsources the following support services:

a) security

b) pest control

c) female hygiene services

6.12 The SGB must report serious/large or urgent/emergency maintenance or renovation needs to the relevant person in the District Office as soon as they are known.


7.1    The principal is responsible for advising and assisting the SGB on all matters related to the use, maintenance, repair, and improvement of the school’s facilities.

7.2    The principal must ensure that the BGP is implemented and must educate the school community on its contents.

7.3    The principal is responsible for assigning duties to maintenance staff and supervising and appraising their work. This duty may be delegated to a deputy principal.

7.4    The principal is responsible for the discipline of all buildings and grounds staff but will refer serious misconduct of state-paid staff to the provincial department of education and serious misconduct of school-paid staff to the SGB.

7.5    The principal may appoint a supervisor/supervisors of the maintenance team/s.

7.6    The principal is responsible for all day-to-day issues concerning the school facilities.