The global pandemic known as Covid-19 has necessitated drastic changes in mindset and patterns of behaviour because of its potentially serious and, in many cases, fatal consequences. In South Africa, a State of Disaster has been declared. It is for this reason that, for the protection of all students and teachers, this policy adopts a firm stance against breaches of the protocols put in place to minimise the risk of transmission. The policy remains in place until the State of Disaster is lifted.  

The policy is to be read in conjunction with, serves as an Addendum to and in some cases supersedes the ‘Policy in Respect of School Discipline at South Peninsula High School’.

Given the fact that it has been proven that many carriers of the virus have been asymptomatic, this policy assumes that everyone is a potential carrier.   


Not wearing a mask on arrival at school. Refusal of entry onto school premises.

Using sanitiser in a manner other than that for Immediate suspension for 3 days.
which it is intended.  

Misleading someone into believing, either directly
or online, that he/she, or someone else, has the virus. Immediate suspension for 3 days.

Making disparaging remarks, either directly or online,
about someone who is believed to have the virus. Immediate suspension for 5 days.

Changing seats in a particular classroom during the day,
or from day to day.   Immediate suspension for 5 days.

Refusing to follow Covid-19 protocol, e.g. not observing
physical distancing, not washing hands, not wearing the
mask, etc. after warning. Immediate suspension for 5 days.

Smoking on the school premises or on the way to or from school. Immediate suspension for 5 days.  

Spitting in any area other than toilet bowls. Immediate suspension for 7 days.

Deliberately placing another person in danger of catching
the virus, for instance by coughing into someone’s face.   Immediate suspension for 7 days.    

NB: In all of the above cases, the parent will be contacted immediately and asked to fetch the child.                       —