Abrahams GPost Level 1Business Studies, EMS
Adams C **Post Level 1English
Aziz MPost Level 1English
Baker Z **PrincipalLife Sciences
Bastian D **Head of Department (GB)Physical Sciences
Boesak LPost Level 1Music
Carruthers-Smith GHead of Department (GB)Mathematics
Dagnin NPost Level 1History
Davids LPost Level 1Afrikaans, Agricultural Sciences, History
De Wee LPost Level 1Afrikaans
Dreyer-Stempels K **Head of Department (GB)English
Ederies ADeputy PrincipalMathematics
Emandien A **Post Level 1Life Sciences, Agricultural Sciences
Esterhuizen N **Post Level 1Physical Education, Geography
Forward RPost Level 1Afrikaans, History
Frank MPost Level 1English
Gamieldien N **Post Level 1Economics, Business Studies
Gordon DHead of Department (GB)Music
Hanekom L **Post Level 1Natural Sciences
Harnekar U **Post Level 1Mathematics
Hendricks NPost Level 1Mathematics
Hendricks PPost Level 1 Visual Art
Isaacs FPost Level 1 Afrikaans
Jacobs TPost Level 1 Consumer Studies, Natural Sciences
Jardine BPost Level 1 Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy
Jusa JHead of Department (GB) Dramatic Studies
Kader IPost Level 1 Economics
Karlie N **Post Level 1 English, Life Orientation
Leedenberg IHead of DepartmentAfrikaans
Leinberger APost Level 1 English
MacGirlley R **Post Level 1 EMS, Business Studies
Makanje EPost Level 1 Technology
Marinus DSenior Head of Department (GB) Geography, Tourism
Meyer MPost Level 1 Mathematics
Miller MHead of Department (GB) Engineering Graphics and Design, Mathematics
Mukaronda PPost Level 1 Physical Sciences
Myburgh F **Head of Department EMS, Accounting
Noordien N **Post Level 1 English
Orgill NPost Level 1 Physical Education, Geography
Padua A **Post Level 1 Life Sciences, Marine Sciences
Prins M **Post Level 1 Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy
Rowland LPost Level 1 Afrikaans
Saunders B **Deputy PrincipalEnglish
Schroeder MPost Level 1 Life Sciences, Marine Sciences
Simbachako BPost Level 1 English, Life Orientation
Slater M **Head of DepartmentGeography
Slater P **Head of DepartmentLife Sciences
Smith AHead of Department (GB) Life Orientation
Solomons KPost Level 1 Dance Studies
Swingler JPost Level 1 Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Economics
Van der Rheede CHead of Department (GB) Afrikaans
Yawa TPost Level 1 Xhosa

All educators marked ** are ex-students of the school.