The Top 20 of 2020

After what was indisputably the most challenging year of their academic careers thus far, with stop-start school attendance and new ways of learning, all the while having to cope with the anxiety of the virus, and of having to adhere to Covid-19 protocols, the 2020 matriculants of SP have surpassed all expectations.

In a class of 208, an excellent pass rate of 98,1% was achieved, with 14 students having achieved overall distinctions (A passes). We had a Bachelor’s Pass (exemption) rate of 80,77% and 198 subject distinctions. Our top student was Lindiwe Trout-Naidoo, with an overall aggregate of 93,3%, and an incredible 8 subject distinctions (of her 9 subjects!). Lindiwe’s best marks were obtained in History, for which she obtained an incredible 97%, and Maths, for which she obtained 95%. Lindiwe has been accepted to study Actuarial Science at UCT.

Lindiwe Trout-Naidoo

The rest of the top 5 were Donica Jacobs (91,3% – also 8 distinctions), Caitlin Benjamin (89,43% – 7 distinctions), Tharwah Joseph (89,14% – 7 distinctions) and Faatimah Schloss (87,14% – also 7 distinctions).

We commend the achievements of the entire cohort of the Matrics of 2020, as well as their teachers and parents, for all their guidance and support. We are certain that the skills that were acquired during 2020, as well as the increased reliance on self-discipline, will stand them in good stead as they pursue their ambitions from this year onward.